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Appearing for TOEFL for the First Time - Read This

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Appearing for TOEFL for the First Time - Read This  [#permalink]

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New post 16 Mar 2014, 23:07
A brief summary for TOEFL examiners what to expect on the day of the test. If you are appearing for the test for the time this is how it happens on the test day.

1. When you arrive at the test center they check your passports and your ETS TOEFL ticket and let you in, they give you a form here to be filled up. Once your are in, they ask you to go the room where they are lockers. They ask you fill the form in your own cursive handwriting, sign in and give the form in your designated rooms. Make sure you switch off your mobiles, keep all what is on you in the locker they provide you. Important note: Carry your passport and the form which you filled along with you to the test room

2. Once you enter you designated room, they body check you, they check all the pockets you have on you. They check your passport and ask your name and date of birth or some random questions. Then they take your photo. Once your photo is taken they give you couple of pencils and scratch paper, they give instructions saying that in case of doubt you need to raise your hand or when you run out of Scratch paper. They ask you to wait near the door so that some one will come and guide you to the designated area where you take your test. Now, check to see all your details are accurate and press continue. Then the computer asks "Describe the City you stay".....might take couple of attempts before it says successful, this will adjust the microphone volume automatically...

3. Test kicks off from here after pressing few continue buttons....Reading task starts....Tip: keep and eye on timer and don't waste much time on each question. You will encounter disturbance while taking your test. People sitting next to you will be "describing the city they stay". Some test takers might loose their calm and shout in their microphones. See that you don't get distracted by these kind of things....if you get distracted you would loose valuable time. This might have negative impact on one's score.

4. Next section is the time you reach midway of listening test.....some one close by would start there speaking test....This might distract you from your listening part... Keep your concentration and don't get carried away with someone speaking close by.

5. You get a break for 10 minutes.... go for a quick 5 minutes break...take some deep breaths....before you come to your station where you are taking your exam....they carry a security check what they did before you start the exam... You could listen to few test takers who are already midway into their speaking part of exam....You could pick up some important points or guess what questions are like.... Your speaking starts and ends before you notice....this section is the fastest section. By the time you are midway into speaking....people siting next to you will start speaking....Note: Don't loose your concentration and miss what you are saying.

6. After speaking, writing kicks off.... Please be extra careful cause one has to take the notes from listening part as question one in writing consists of both reading and the room where you siting would be buzzing with test takers who are taking their speaking part....Tip: If you loose your concentration you might miss important points mentioned in listening part...Listening part is an important thing for your question one of writing task.....They give you 20 minutes to type question one. Once you are done with question one, question two comes on the screen and your timer starts ticking away... make a quick outline of your essay and start typing......leave last two minutes to review your essay...

Tip: To score maximum... practice Toefl by playing your music loud or by increasing your tv volume.... This will mimic your test day room...
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Appearing for TOEFL for the First Time - Read This   [#permalink] 16 Mar 2014, 23:07

Appearing for TOEFL for the First Time - Read This

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