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Re: Most auto mechanics have extensive experience. Furthermore, most [#permalink]
mohnish2732 wrote:
Can someone explain why A isn't the answer? I was confused between A and E.

­Most auto mechanics have extensive experience. Furthermore, most mechanics with extensive experience understand electronic circuits. Thus, most auto mechanics understand electronic circuits.

The pattern of flawed reasoning in which one of the following arguments is most similar to that in the argument above?

(A) During times of the year when automobile traffic increases, gas prices also increase. Increases in gas prices lead to increases in consumer complaints. Thus, increased automobile traffic causes increased consumer complaints. - WRONG. Because it has no flaw at all. 

(B) The most common species of birds in this region are migratory. Moreover, most migratory birds have left this region by the end of November. Hence, few birds remain in this region during the winter. - WRONG. November is only a part of Winter. Few bird is the opposite of what is left which is not necessarily less: it may be so that the remaining ones are in majority. Additionally, conclusion has to be about most common species of birds(purple color) as is the case in the passage.

(C) It is not surprising that most speeding tickets in this region are issued to drivers of sports cars. After all, most drivers who are not interested in driving fast do not buy sports cars. - WRONG. Wreck of a similarity. Makes a mistake somewhat similar to B.

(D) Most nature photographers find portrait photography boring. Moreover, most portrait photographers especially enjoy photographing dignitaries. Thus, most nature photographers find photographing dignitaries especially boring. - WRONG. 2nd best choice for me. Subtly different from the passage. Green one should have been mosst photographers for it to be slightly correct. 

(E) Most snow-removal companies run lawn‐care services during the summer. Also, most companies that run lawn-care services during the summer hire additional workers in the summer. Thus, most snow-removal companies hire additional workers in the summer. - CORRECT. Perfectly sets things as passage does.


Answer E.
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Re: Most auto mechanics have extensive experience. Furthermore, most [#permalink]
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