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My debrief - 109/120

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Joined: 27 Oct 2011
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My debrief - 109/120  [#permalink]

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New post 28 Dec 2011, 11:25
Hey guys I have never posted to this forum, but I got some useful info, so I want to give back to this great community.
So I got my scores today - 109/120 (28/29/24/28)
First of all - I need to clarify that I was not (and I think I am not yet) very advanced in english. All the knowledge that I had was from movies and the internet. Oh well I spend my last 3 summers in the USA so that probably helped me to pick up some knowledge too. Anyways, I started practising more intensively 2 months before my exam, and I guess it paid of. IMHO, the Kaplan TOEFL iBT book is the best on the market. I had the chance to go over most of the books that are available, and I believe that Kaplan's is the best. Of course the official guide is a must. But Kaplan's book gives some really nice techniques how to handle the differend quiestions and problems.
So... Reading: 28/30
I got the experimental part, so I had 4 reading passages. It was kinda weird, because not all of them were with 12/13 questions. The first two were normal lenght, but i got like 16 or 17 questions for the thirth one... as a consequence, i got only 8 or 9 for the last reading passage. Anyways , it was not so hard as I expected. I guess most of the users in this forum will not have any problems, since the GMAT RC's are much harder. However, a good idea is to read regularly websites such as economist, ft, cnn, nationalgeographic and others. Oh btw, I read in the forum that wearing earplugs is a good idea. So i asked in advance if i will be allowed to do this, and the test center supervisor gave me the permission. But that was such a bad idea... omg i got a massive headache because of the earplugs. Maybe they were the wrong type or i dont know... but my vision got blurred and i felt really really bad. So after the first reading passage i decided to put the earplugs off. Well we all started pretty much at the same time (with 30 seconds variance) so everybody else was doind the reading and the environment was not distractive at all.
Listening: 29/30
I got the short format - 2 conversations and 4 lectures. What can i say... pretty easy. I am actually curious what are my mistakes, because i felt like had none of them. Okay, good advice here, will be of course watch a lot of movies, news channels such as cnn, and listen to some lectures. Another good source is the website of the TED organization (google it, cant post urls....). There you can watch and listen to more than thousand lectures, some of them pretty similar to the real TOEFL format (and all of them really interesting as i guess you know :)).
Speaking: 24/30
I am kinda disapointed on this one. I expected to have at least 26 or maybe even 28, because the questions were not so hard, and in my opinion i responded well. Of course, the notefull videos helped me a lot. You can find them here - (okay the forum didnt let me post links so check in the "Everything You Need to Prepare for the TOEFL" thread) As i mentioned, I worked the past 3 summers in the USA, so my speaking abilities are quite good. However, this is my lowest scored section and it is pretty weird for me... Still, as an advice i can say - go over the Notefull manual, and keep practising on whatever topics u get in mind - best friend/collor/movie/place... all the stuff like this. Oh and get used to the clock. Practise with timer going downwards.
Writing: 28/30
I wrote 450 words in the integrated essay, and 810 in the independend. To be honest i didnt plan to write so much in the second one and i think thats why i got lower score. Not of course because of the volume... IMHO it doesnt matter how many words you have written, as long as the word count is over 350. Actually this is a myth that needs to be busted. There are many people that think that if you write too much you will get low score. Well okay i wrote 450 and 810 words and i got 28pts. On the other hand, a friend of mine got 30/30, but he wrote 250 and 360 words on the essays. So obviously - the wordcount is not a problem, as long as you are above the recomended 225/350. The templates given here are quite useful - (okay the forum didnt let me post links so check in the "Everything You Need to Prepare for the TOEFL" thread). Anyways, i lost track of the time in the second essay, and when i was done i realized that i have only 3 minutes to check the essay. But 3 minutes to check essay of 810 is not enought. So i checked the half of it... please make sure you have enough time to check your essays!

Oh and a little bit for the test center. There were 13 computers. I didnt feel any distractions, and even though the whole group speaked almost at the same time, i dont think that was a problem, because the headphones were good enough and blocked most of the noise.

Good luck to everybody who plans to take the TOEFL. It is not so hard, especially for GMAT test takers :) Ill be happy to help anyone who has questions.
Joined: 21 Nov 2011
Posts: 67
Location: United States
Concentration: Accounting, Finance
GMAT Date: 09-10-2014
GPA: 3.98
WE: Accounting (Accounting)
Re: My debrief - 109/120  [#permalink]

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New post 30 Dec 2011, 18:00
Excellent job!
If you learn to do things that you need to do - then someday - you can do things that you want to do.
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Re: My debrief - 109/120   [#permalink] 30 Dec 2011, 18:00

My debrief - 109/120

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