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TOEFL Debrief - 115!

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Joined: 14 Feb 2013
Posts: 23
Schools: Duke '16
TOEFL Debrief - 115!  [#permalink]

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New post 21 Sep 2013, 04:33
My Toefl Scores
Reading 30
Listening 30
Speaking 27
Writing 28
Total 115

One advice about registrations especially for Indian Users, Please book your seat well in advance (2-3months before). I did not get a centre in my hometown, i had to settle for a centre, in another city.

I did not give much time for Toefl prep. I did not even give any mock tests!

The first thing i did was familiarize myself with the TOEFL structure: the sections, timings, type of questions.
For the reading section, I read from the The Official Toefl Guide - ETS.
For listening, i was pretty confident, as i am used to watching a lot of English movies and tv shows.
For speaking and writing, the videos from notefull helped me a lot, i used the same templates for my exam.
Here's a link for the videos toefl-instructional-videos-speaking-writing-very-useful-100611.html

On the test day, i arrived an hour before my exam. The center's condition was not great.
My exam was on 13th September, that is the time of Ganpati festival in India, so there was lot of noise/music in the area. (If possible, avoid taking your test on festival days)
There were about 20 students in the same room, and each student started the test at different times. Everyone, initially has to test the mic, and those who start their test later than you, will disturb you a lot.
I had 3 passages for my reading section, i had a target of 20min for each passage, i finished the reading section with 15 minutes to spare, i used that time to write down the templates for the speaking section.
For the listening section i had 9 conversations/lectures. I have a habit of taking elaborate notes, so i made sure i had enough blank sheets before starting the section. I finished the section well in time.
During the 10 minute break, i had a snack bar and energy drink.
Speaking section, was the most difficult one for me. There was a lot of disturbance as all the students in the room are speaking at the same time. It was really hard to concentrate and i wasn't sure if the microphone would record my voice properly. I was very scared of the scores for this section.
The writing section was good. Both the questions were fairly straight. I used the template for the first essay from notefull. For the second, i followed the technique from a video by Jason ( I read somewhere that word count also matters in your score. So i wrote around 360 words for the First essay and around 620 words for the Second.

Overall, i was very nervous for my Speaking section. The other sections were fairly ok.
I was surprised when i got the mail saying my scores were available (it was just 7 days after my test day).
When i saw the score, i was on cloud 9!!
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TOEFL Debrief - 115!   [#permalink] 21 Sep 2013, 04:33

TOEFL Debrief - 115!

  new topic post reply Question banks Downloads My Bookmarks Reviews Important topics  

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