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Booth vs Kellogg

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Booth vs Kellogg  [#permalink]

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New post 16 Feb 2017, 05:42
Booth vs Kellogg

Booth and Kellogg offer world's best MBA programs. These are two of the best business schools in the world. Booth is often termed as a quant school whereas Kellogg has a reputation that seems to be more social and collaborative overall. It is also well known for its strong marketing brand. So how do you decide which program is best for you? To help prospective applicants as well as those who have already been admitted and deciding which one to choose, we decided to compare these MBA programs side-by-side and analyze the differences between them

We compared class profiles, curriculum, strengths and weaknesses, rankings, placements of these two schools. Below is the detailed comparison of these schools taking all factors one by one. Article ends with main conclusion and winner of this competition.

Class Profile

  • Both Kellogg and Booth received roughly equal number of applications last year; however, Kellogg's acceptance rate is lower due to its relatively smaller class size.
  • Booth's yield rate is slightly greater than Kellogg's. It's very valuable input to measure the percentage of admitted students who actually go to a school rather than turn it down.
  • GMAT, GPA, WE, and proportion of female and international applicants are roughly the same at both schools.
  • Economics/Business is the most dominant undergrad background of students at both schools; Booth has 55% business/economics undergrads whereas Kellogg has 45%.

Booth vs Kellogg: Class Profile
# of Applicants42844300
Avg GMAT726 (Range: 570 - 780)728 (Middle 80%: 690 - 760)
Avg GPA3.63.6
Avg Age2828
Avg WE (Months)6062
Female Students42%41%
International Students34%35%
Countries Represented54N/A

Booth vs Kellogg: Feeder Industries
Banking and Finance37%22%
Retail and Consumer Products7%
Edu, Govt, Military, & Non Profit11%9%
Media, Entertainment, and Sports2%
Real Estate3%
Energy & Utilities3%3%
Healthcare & Biotech4%5%



Booth offers a multi-disciplinary approach to the study of business. With only one required course, you can design a program to meet your career goals. Four major components make up the curriculum.


  • Program Length: 2 years
  • Core curriculum (2 year MBA) consists of nine courses in fundamental areas, including accounting; management and organizations; marketing; finance; managerial economics; decision sciences; operations; and management and strategy. In addition, during the Pre-Term orientation sequence of their second year, students are required to complete a half-credit course, Leadership and Crisis Management (KPPI-440-A), that encompasses much of the knowledge from the first-year core. You can opt out of select core courses, provided you have previous relevant coursework or work experience, and increase the number of electives.
  • Majors: 7 majors are available. You may opt to choose from seven majors or none at all. A major requires that a student complete the core course for the major and a minimum of four electives. More info can be found here.. ... ogram.aspx
  • Dual Degree Programs:
    MMM (MBA from Kellogg and an M.S. in Design Innovation from the Segal Design Institute at the McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science.) ... ogram.aspx
    JD/MBA in collaboration with Northwestern School of Law. You can apply with one integrated application through Kellogg Admissions and an eligible GMAT score. You do not need to submit an LSAT score or a separate law school application.

Key Strengths and Areas of Improvements

(According to Current Students/Alumni Reviews)

  • Here we studied reviews of 22 Booth students/alumni and 19 Kellogg students/alumni submitted in Business School Reviews section of our forum to understand what they feel are core strengths of their schools and what needs to be improved.
  • 82% of students say Booth's curriculum and professors are its core strengths whereas 64% students say brand Booth and student culture are its major strengths. This is on the expected lines; We often hear from applicants in forum discussions that they apply to Booth primarily because of its flexible curriculum, brand, diversity, student culture, and career opportunities. 32% students think Alum network of Booth needs to be improved.
  • It's well known that Kellogg's collaborative environment and diverse student body are its core strength and 63% of students who we surveyed have endorsed this notion. 47% students also felt that Kellogg's brand and ranking are its major strength; however, an alarming fact is that 58% students think facilities at Kellogg need major improvement.
  • To conclude this comparison we can say Curriculum, Faculty, Brand, and robust student culture are Booth's major strengths whereas Wharton primarily relies on its brand, diversity, robust campus culture, and career opportunities.




  • If we analyse last 10 years of US News rankings, Booth did get kicked up in recent years. It has beaten Kellogg every year since 2014.
  • In current scenario, Booth has surpassed Kellogg in US News, Economist, BW, and FT rankings where as Kellogg is ahead of Booth only in Forbes ranking.
  • Consider current as well as historical rankings, Booth is clear winner in this area of comparison.

Booth vs Kellogg: Current Rankings
US News 1725
Economist 1612
BusinessWeek 1649
Forbes 1563
Financial Times 17912

Booth and Kellogg: Historical US News Rankings



  • No doubt Booth and Kellogg both have one of the best career management facilities.
  • In 2016, 98% of Booth graduates found employment within three months, while the equivalent figure for Kellogg is 96%.
  • Avg salary offered to Booth graduates ($125,000) is smaller than that of Kellogg graduates ($136,000)
  • Considering its slightly higher placement rate and broader placement reach, we can say Booth has slight advantage over Kellogg in placements.

Booth vs Kellogg: Placements
Placement Rate98.4%96.4%
Median Base Salary$125,000 (Range $60,000 - $215,000)$136,000
Placements by Industry
Banking and Finance36%13%
Retail and Consumer Products8%16%
Energy and Utilities1%2%

Top Recruiters
Booth vs Kellogg: Top Recruiters
McKinsey & Company, Inc. (35)McKinsey & Company (43)
The Boston Consulting Group, Inc. (23)The Boston Consulting Group (25), Inc. (19)Bain & Company (24)
Bain & Company, Inc. (15)Amazon (23)
Accenture (13)Deloitte Consulting LLP (21)
Google Inc (12)Google (12)
Bank of America Merrill Lynch (11)Nike, Inc. (11)
PwC Strategy& (10)Strategy& (10)
Deloitte Consulting (9)Apple Inc. (10)
Morgan Stanley (9)Goldman, Sachs & Co. (7)
Goldman Sachs Group Inc. (8)EY & Parthenon (7)
JPMorgan Chase & Co. (8)DaVita Healthcare Partners, Inc. (6)
Deutsche Bank AG (7)A.T. Kearney (6)
Lazard Freres & Co. LLC (7)Anheuser-Busch InBev (6)
Citigroup, Inc. (6)PepsiCo, Inc. (6)
Fidelity (6)Bank of America Merrill Lynch (6)
Pepsico, Inc (6)Mars, Incorporated (5)
A.T. Kearney, Inc. (5)SC Johnson (5)
Apple Inc. (5)JPMorgan Chase & Co. (5)
Cisco Systems, Inc. (5)LinkedIn (5)
Credit Suisse (5)
William Blair (5)

Decisions by previous GMATClub members

Here we are presenting select cases of previous GMATClub members who had been admitted to Booth and Kellogg and had to make a choice.

  • Admitted to Booth (with partial scholarship) and Kellogg
  • Profile and Stats: 720 GMAT; 3.65 GPA
  • Post MBA Goal: Consulting MBB
  • Decision: Booth

  • Admitted to Booth and Kellogg (with $70K Scholarship)
  • Profile and Stats: Management consultant; 770 GMAT; 3.94 GPA;
  • Post MBA Goal: Consulting
  • Decision: Booth
nautikal wrote:
I just wanted to say I really appreciate the time you all spent to think about my situation and respond to it. The different perspectives were definitely helpful with the decision.

And the decision... though it was incredibly difficult (and nerve wracking) to turn down the scholarship at Kellogg, I ultimately felt that Booth was a better fit for me (e.g., I was more excited when I thought about matriculating at Booth versus Kellogg). Again, thank you for the help!

  • Admitted to Booth (with $$) and Kellogg
  • Profile and Stats: Finance attorney
  • Post MBA Goal: To build up a family enterprise (chain of dental specialty centers) and dabble into other entrepreneurial interests.
  • Decision: Booth

  • Admitted to Booth ($40K Scholarship) and Kellogg ($100K Scholarship)
  • Profile and Stats: 740 GMAT; 3.57 GPA; Currently in asset management firm)
  • Post MBA Goal: Management Consulting.
  • Decision: Kellogg

So who is the winner??

It's really difficult to choose from Booth and Kellogg. In terms of prestige, they both have strong reputation; however, as we saw above Booth's ranking is continuously improving since last few years.

In academics, Booth has slight edge over Kellogg because its more flexible curriculum, which 82% of Booth students identifies at its major strength; Kellogg is generally identified as a general management school with a strong reputation for marketing.

In terms of placements, both schools will provide you world of opportunities. Booth's placement rate is slightly greater and it places more than half of its graduates in finance and consulting jobs; whereas placements at Kellogg are more diverse. Last year Kellogg placed 33% of its students in Consulting, 22% in Tech sector, 13% in Finance, and 16% in retail/CPG industry.

So all in all these are peer schools and the differences are truly at the margin.

Booth: 5 Kellogg: 4.5
The Winner is: Chicago Booth

Booth vs Kellogg Historical Rankings.png
Booth vs Kellogg Historical Rankings.png [ 23.38 KiB | Viewed 2073 times ]

Booth vs Kellogg- Strengths.png
Booth vs Kellogg- Strengths.png [ 51.26 KiB | Viewed 2103 times ]

Booth vs Kellogg- Weaknesses.png
Booth vs Kellogg- Weaknesses.png [ 61.58 KiB | Viewed 2080 times ]


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Re: Booth vs Kellogg  [#permalink]

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New post 07 Dec 2017, 23:59
"58% students think facilities at Kellogg need major improvement."

This data (and the Feb 2017 post) pre-date the opening of Kellogg's new building, correct?
MBA Section Director
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Affiliations: GMAT Club
Joined: 21 Feb 2012
Posts: 5881
City: Pune
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Re: Booth vs Kellogg  [#permalink]

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New post 08 Dec 2017, 19:39
pourts wrote:
"58% students think facilities at Kellogg need major improvement."

This data (and the Feb 2017 post) pre-date the opening of Kellogg's new building, correct?

Yup, that's true. That argument was based on the reviews submitted by Kellogg students/alumni on our site and almost all of these reviews were submitted before Feb 2017, so it is possible that current Kellogg students may have different opinion about the facilities at Kellogg now.

Chances of Getting Admitted After an Interview [Data Crunch]

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Re: Booth vs Kellogg &nbs [#permalink] 08 Dec 2017, 19:39
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Booth vs Kellogg

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