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Undergraduate Confusion!

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Joined: 04 Apr 2017
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Undergraduate Confusion!  [#permalink]

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New post 04 Apr 2017, 17:04

Many people might think I am overthinking all of this, but I simply want to get insight on what is the best route for an MBA from a M7/T15 school.

I have narrowed down my list to the following schools:

Major: Industrial Engineering/Operations Research
Tuition: $29k

University of Southern California (USC)
Major: Computer Science/Business Administration
Tuition: $60k

Business Information Management
Tuition: $16k

Money is not too much of an issue with any of these options, I am mainly worried about being able to maintain my GPs.


1. Basically, my concern is if I get around a ~3.0 GPA at UC-Berkeley would that hurt my chances of getting admission into an M7 school, as opposed to getting a 3.5+ at UC-Irvine?

2. I am leaning towards picking UC-Berkeley, but what if I am unable to handle the academics and maintain my GPA at the same time is what my main concern is. How would a low GPA from UC-Berkeley look? How can I make up for that low GPA? I am mainly worried about physics and math that I have to take at UC-Berkeley.

3. I am also considering USC because it has the major I want to purse, however I like all 3 majors equally. Does the difficulty of the major have an effect on MBA admissions?

4. What is the best major to pick in order to pursue an MBA?

5. Would going to a school like UCI for undergrad and then getting an MS from a top school be better?

6. Any other general advice on how to get into an M7/T15 MBA Program is appreciated, as I am very confused.
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Joined: 19 Apr 2016
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Re: Undergraduate Confusion!  [#permalink]

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New post 05 Apr 2017, 09:10
Hi there,

Congratulations on some amazing undergrad acceptances! This is a good dilemma to have! However, I don't recommend basing your school selection on which program will maximize your chances of M7 MBA admission. The MBA admissions process simply isn't that cut-and-dry and there are aspects of your application that will be much more important than the name of your undergrad institution. My advice to you is to attend the school that will best position you for post-MBA success in your career. What school offers the classes, professors, alumni network and career management support that you'll need to get your dream job post-graduation? My guess is that the best school (UC Berkeley) is going to open more doors for you career-wise but that's something you'll need to determine for yourself.

The top business schools have representation from a wide variety of undergrad institutions and majors so there's no "best" one - again, I would choose the major and program that is best aligned with your interests and goals :) However, I'm curious why you're selling yourself short on your UC Berkeley GPA vs. UC Irvine, for example. I doubt you'll find the curriculum to be SO different that you could pull off a 3.5 GPA at one school but only a 3.0 at another. My advice is to commit yourself to your studies and doing what it takes to maintain a high GPA no matter where you go to school. That will not only help you with MBA applications but also in job placement in the shorter-term.

You have a long way to go before you're ready to apply to an MBA program so I would focus on doing your absolute best in whatever school you choose, land your dream job after graduation, excel in that role, and then re-visit your MBA plans. Remember, "what" you've done is going to be less important that "how well" you've done it when it comes to your MBA applications.

Best of luck!!


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Joined: 26 Mar 2017
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Undergraduate Confusion!  [#permalink]

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New post 06 Apr 2017, 19:45
For now your should focus on your interest and what you aim to do with it in long term. In case it's MBA, then see how one of these acceptances align with your MBA aspirations. A lot goes into building your profile and if your undergrad study/interest is aligned to your MBA aspirations, you can later build a strong work profile based on your field of study whilst you work on extra curricular activities then I don't see why you should worry about MBA right now or even then.

A good academic-work exp-extracurricular activities- right GMAT scores(in the end), will do the trick for you!!! Just pick your interest on work and build your profile

Like above post, you have long way to go and one step at a time.
Undergraduate Confusion! &nbs [#permalink] 06 Apr 2017, 19:45
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Undergraduate Confusion!

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