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Highly Recommend
Review for: Fortuna Admissions Comprehensive School Package by dbonomo66
December 7 | 2019
I am extremely grateful for Fortuna Admission’s contribution to my recent acceptance to the INSEAD MBA program. As this was the only program I was interested in and applying to,... Read more
Amazing simulation for Wharton
Review for: Personal MBA Coach Interview Prep Service by cef921123
December 3 | 2019
The simulation that Personal MBA Coach was extremely helpful -- the proctor was an experienced interviewer and observer for Wharton and gave constructive feedback. I felt prepared for the actual... Read more
Review for: Gurufi Essay Editing Services by minipigIsme
December 2 | 2019
Brian helped me edited my essay for MBA application. His service is on time and very high quality. His edited results are very vivid and powerful to express my ideas... Read more
I highly recommend Square One Prep!!!
Review for: Square One Prep Premium Service by mlochon
December 2 | 2019
"I was a immense pleasure to work with SOP! They made my application journey as smooth as possible. As they managed the timeline, I only had to focus on important things... Read more
Alex has helped me to get into INSEAD
Review for: ARLee Consulting Comprehensive End-to-End Package by solikon
December 2 | 2019
I owe Alex a big thanks for being accepted at my target school (INSEAD). I cannot express by words how much Alex was helpful during my application process and frankly... Read more
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