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The Essay Editing Service is a service that offers an abbreviated experience for those on an accelerated timeline. The consultant guides the client through a set number of editing iterations.
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May 07, 2017

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Just listen to Paul


Paul helped me get into a top US program despite an average GMAT and a subpar GPA. Listen to him and you'll be better off than if you did it yourself. Trust the process and his experience. If you want to go crazy and do your own thing, don't hire a consultant, or apply to other schools by yourself. In other words, don't argue with his ideas.

1) Empathy: Paul cares, he will talk to you when you need to and be down to earth if/when that time comes
2) Experience: his comes through when you need it to
3) Mindset: he is positive and usually collected, which makes for a better experience overall

1) Time management: crunching is commonplace
2) Execution: has a hard time actually going from A to B, but to be fair, most people struggle with this (myself included)
3) Setting expectations: less excitement or lower expectations (delivery/time wise) could perhaps minimize his other weaknesses

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September 04, 2012

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I signed up for a free 30-minute consultation with a few of the top Admissions Consulting companies around. The sessions were largely the same: You give them a summary of your profile (GMAT, GPA, Experience, Extrac.), your target schools, and then they tell you the strengths and weaknesses of your application. The first two consultancies I got in touch with (which shall remain unnamed) left me thinking I could never get into a top 10, let alone a top 20 bschool, which was very discouraging and, to be honest, I didn’t understand how they wanted to attract any business that way.

Amerasia was different. In my free consultation, Michelle immediately pointed out all the strengths in my profile for my dream school, INSEAD. She also identified the weak areas, but was reassuring in that she felt I would have enough stories from my experience to counterbalance that. I asked Michelle if she had had any experience in coaching applicants for INSEAD, but unfortunately she didn’t. I took about a week to think about it, but I was reassured by Adam, the manager, that Michelle was the right coach. Based on my first call with Michelle, I decided to sign up with her.

Michelle was a great coach from the start. She was great at explaining how to present each different story (strengths, weaknesses, achievements, failures, the reason for an MBA, etc) and pushed me hard to make sure that every story I used helped to weave my application into a very strong package. With Michelle in the East Coast and me in Asia, it was at time difficult to schedule time to discuss on the phone. But even then, I had sufficient time to discuss the direction of my essays with Michelle on the phone. She was also very diligent in turnaround time on emails and documents, usually even beating her own deadlines.

I knew I had all the stories and the perfect profile for INSEAD. But I thank Michelle for helping me in weaving all of my stories together so I could present a strong profile for my application.

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