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August Academy is a venture founded by an alumnus of IIT Madras and Stanford University in 2013. Over the past five years, we’ve helped students belonging to the most competitive MBA applicant pool (Indian Engineers) get into several top 20 schools from across the world. We’ve worked with people in every time zone from Australia to California - we are extremely responsive. Several of our students have received offers from top 20 schools in the US (including Kellogg, MIT Sloan, Columbia, Yale, Duke, NYU Stern, UVa Darden, Ross, Cornell, Anderson, UNC Kenan-Flagler, McCombs, Tepper, Olin and Goizueta), top 10 schools in Europe (including London Business School, HEC Paris, IE, ESADE and Oxford), and top ranked schools in other regions (Rotman, Ivey, Schulich, the National University of Singapore and the Indian School of Business). Overall, our students have won over $3,100,000 in scholarships so far.

August Academy is a member of AIGAC - the Association of International Graduate Admissions Consultants. This is a reflection of our commitment to the highest levels of integrity and service to candidates.

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     By IareAwesomeness 0 0

The same Manchester United team that finished 1st in the 2012-13 season finished 7th a year later. What was the difference – the manager and coaching staff.

I got admits from two Top 10 schools (with 40k in scholarship) in the US this year (2018), in what was my first attempt at applying, and this was down to the coaching I got from Karthik. He’s been incredibly supportive over the past 8 months, helping me get through a tough application cycle during what was a tough time for me personally. Karthik is very thorough in his approach and makes you introspect considerably as he guides you towards crafting authentic and credible stories.

Karthik helped me right from shortlisting schools, to re-doing my resume, to drafting essays and prepping for interviews. I think it’s very important to be able to tell signal from the noise when it comes to not only articulating your personal stories but also making sense of the clutter of data and information on MBA programs available online.

I considered five other admissions consultants before zeroing in on August Academy in late April and they most definitely did not let me down. I am grateful for all the help I’ve received from Karthik and feel that August Academy provides you a service that is at par with, if not better than, global admissions consultants and gives you the best bang for your buck.

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reviewer identity verified by score report
     By stoiczoan 161 84

Coming off an unsuccessful application season I decided to work with August Academy on 3 schools (1 reach T5 school, 2 competitive T10 schools). Karthik was very encouraging from the beginning and I really appreciated his systematic ways of working (using Asana to manage tasks, delegate, and follow-up). We revised the career narrative, spent a ton of time refining the resume and then moved to essays. The inputs provided by Karthik were very useful and he seemed deeply invested in my success. I succeeded in getting 2 interview calls from the T10 schools and eventually received 1 admit with scholarship and 1 waitlist which are great results given my profile.

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Great rewarding experience !
December 23 | 2018
reviewer identity verified by score report
     By arun93 9 0

When I finally got a good score in GMAT, I knew that this was just the beginning of the entire application process. I wasn't very confident in applying alone and wanted some guidance. So, I started to search for consultants and opted for Karthik from August academy. I chose the 5 school package.

I was skeptical at first regarding this decision, but sooner realized that it was a great choice. The amazing thing about working with Karthik is that he understood my profile completely by brainstorming exercises and was down-right honest about the schools I could apply to, depending on my profile.

Another impressive element is that Karthik asked me to write the essays on my own and provided only inputs to make it better. This helped me to bring in individuality to my essays. Karthik also used to conduct live webinar sessions with ad-com officers from leading schools. These sessions were very helpful for me. He was also pretty flexible with call appointments after understanding my job nature and this helped me greatly.

My dream was to get into a top-15 B-school in the US and, I successfully applied to Haas, Tuck, Ross, Anderson, and Mccombs with Karthik's help. I got the interview invite from 3 schools and finally got an offer from Anderson (with good scholarship).

I'm so excited about the offer and this wouldn't be possible without help from Karthik. All in all, the mentorship and encouragement provided by Karthik helped me to navigate the application process with ease and precision.

I would enthusiastically recommend Karthik's services for anyone looking for an MBA admission consultant.

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reviewer identity verified by score report
     By Monisha2402 2 0

Soon after writing my GMAT, as part of my research about admissions consultants, I came across August Academy as well. A friend of mine suggested I choose August Academy due to his successful experience with them. He secured an admission in the MIT SDM programme with Karthik's help. (Founder of August Academy). My first experience with Karthik was about an hour long discussion where we spoke about my profile and what I was looking to achieve. I found Karthik to be a very straight forward person who lists out the pros n cons your profile in the very beginning. I had a vision in mind as to what kind of courses I wanted to apply to and Karthik made me understand what in my resume would work for and against my vision. He also suggested several great courses during our discussion stage,some of them that I dint know of and while doing so he never imposed any choice on me. He always helped me make my choices and provided the right guidance. After our initial discussion stage, Karthik gave me an admissions kit to work on that consisted of several documents that included personality tests., questionnaire s regarding my goals, interests, etc, to do lists and other admission related stuff. This exercise I believe was crucial in me securing a successful admission at SDM programme at MIT SLOAN. Many of the questions that I answered were what I encountered in one or many of the applications that I filled up. In addition to this, Karthik really helped changed the face of my resume and helped me in highlighting the most important points in an attractive way. Through this process not only did I end up with a great resume but also learnt a great deal about crafting effective resumes. With Karthik s help I applied to 3 schools and got calls from 2 of them. I applied to exactly the schools that I aimed at and come out satisfied from the admission s counseling experience. All in all, I think August Academy is definitely a great choice if you are looking to better to chances at getting into your dream school.

I also availed August Academy's services for interview prep. I have to say that I got through this interview only with Karthik's help. Due a personal tragedy I was going through a particularly difficult phase during the time around my interview. Karthik helped me with the list of questions that I should expect and helped and pushed me to craft attractive answers to them. I must say that due to the turmoil I was going through , I prepped exactly the questions he gave me and that was good enough for me to crack the interview. He also conducted several mock interviews with me and encourged me and gave me several tips to crack the interviews. This review would not be complete without me giving a huge shout out to Karthik's pep talks that he gave me during the mock interviews and before my actual interview. They really helped me step up and give my best during the interview. I would definitely recommend August Academy for their services.

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reviewer identity verified by score report
     By avinashhraju 0 5

August Academy has helped me in many ways while enduring the tedious b-school application process and interview preparation. Karthik is very well versed with the entire MBA admission process. In the first meeting, he analysed my profile thoroughly and suggested list of schools that I should be aiming for. Once I short listed on the schools, he and I had further meetings for each school and finalized on the strategy to approach each b-school application. These meetings have helped me put down points that represent me accurately. The mock interview sessions conducted by him have helped me realise my areas of strengths and weakness and fine-tune my interviewing skills.

In the entire application process journey, Karthik has been a strong motivator and a mentor. He has provided all the scenarios that I could land up in by taking up a certain path. This has been pivotal for me in making thorough decisions without any second thoughts. On the whole I am very satisfied with the services of August Academy and would definitely recommend this admission consultant firm to my friends.

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August Academy Review!
April 08 | 2018
reviewer identity verified by score report
     By gsonali 0 0

I availed August Academy services for admission cycle 2017-2018. I am happy to say that I applied to 3 B-Schools, got an opportunity to interview at 2 Schools, and got admitted to my top priority school (result from one school is awaited).

Karthik has been a mentor and guide since day one of my application process. Even though the entire process is extremely consuming and time taking, Karthik has a highly methodological approach and navigates the work in a systematic manner. He gives personal attention to all aspects of the application : starting from defining career goals (suggested me to read the best known management books first), identifying strengths and weakness, shortlisting and setting target schools, refining the resume in detail (he put in commendable efforts in doing so) , brainstorming the essays, preparing for video essays etc. He defines deadlines and strictly abides by those timelines.

One of the key aspects of his working style is his guidance on the 'essay writing'. He identifies your story depending on your strengths, helps you mold it into a compelling story while ensuring that the essay comes directly in the applicant's own words. He would never write your essays, rather push you to write in your own words!

Above all, Karthik is an excellent person. He has guided me through my difficult decisions and continues to do so even after the application prep is over.

P.S.: Karthik manages every task detail through Asana (web application to track work progress). Another trait of his systematic way of working!

I owe a big part of my success to Karthik and would recommend him as the first choice for any applicant looking for a sincere, dedicated admissions consultant.

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My Review: August Academy
April 04 | 2018
reviewer identity verified by score report
     By shubhamsahai 12 2

I worked with Karthik for Fall '18 Full time MBA applications. I started with my essays quite late but thanks to Karthik's intensive involvement, I was able to complete my applications on time. His quick responses decreased the turnaround time for each essay and resume draft iteration. He helped me simplify the technical jargons in a way that it becomes easier for adcoms to get an idea about my work experience. The brainstorming sessions were particularly helpful to extract stories that could be used to demonstrate the strength and challenges out of my life events in the application. He continuously encouraged me to convey my thoughts in best possible way to the adcoms in mock interviews. I found his art of explaining complex logic using examples very useful. Karthik is so approachable that there were instances when I was running out of time because of looming application deadlines and he graciously accepted my request to provide the edits in a day..

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reviewer identity verified by score report
     By deep1234 3 6

The decision to pursue an international MBA is a big one. And anyone who has tread this path would concur. At that juncture, the right guidance and help from someone who is well versed with, the entire process is extremely valuable.
After talking to four or five admission consultants when I spoke to Karthik from AugustAcademy, I knew at that very moment that my search has ended. Karthik is extremely professional, very systematic, punctual and prompt. Furthermore, the calmness in his voice and tone actually gives you very positive feeling.

I signed up for a package of three schools with Karthik. Given my work exp, I was not too inclined to do a two-year MBA and so my focus was mainly on the European one-year MBA programs. In the first interaction, Karthik helped me understand the format in which we would work. The excel spreadsheet detailed out how we would go about it - the number of edits, hours spent on reviewing/editing, duration of the phone calls, etc. To be honest, I wondered if that would actually work. But trust me when I say, the process is just perfectly cut out. By the end of the process, you would not just have secured admissions into the schools of your choice, you would have actually learnt a great deal about yourself.

The best part of working with Karthik is that he would have you write your own essays/applications in your own style. He would guide you on to approach them, guide you with making them more coherent. And I think this is really important because that is what preserves the originality of your content and writing.

Of the three schools, I applied to with Karthik's help, I got admits from two. I also applied to three other lower-ranked B-schools, and got admits from all three with stupendous scholarships and Forte fellowships. Thanks to Karthik for all his help and guidance that helped me achieve my dream.

For B-school applicants who are looking for an admission consultant, I would highly recommend Karthik's AugustAcademy.

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A Fruitful Experience
April 01 | 2018
reviewer identity verified by score report
     By aneess 1 0

After failing to secure interviews in the previous admissions season, I decided to work with an admissions consult to improve my chances. During the profile review with Karthik, he reviewed my profile from adcom's perspective and he immediately found that I lacked the focus in my short term plans. I chose to work with him for 3 school package. We first brainstormed and narrowed down my short term plans, which went a long way in my Essays and my admissions interviews. Karthik also helped me fine tune my CV for the MBA applications.

Karthik, is honest and realistic when selecting schools to apply to. We selected school based on my profile and post MBA plans.

We worked on each essay from scratch. When working on the essays, Karthik laid down a skeleton, based on the my strengths and experiences, for each essay. The essays were written by me and then Karthik reviewed them a couple of times, giving me pointers to make sure the essay is to the point and help me highlight my strengths for each university. I was invited to interview for all 3 of them. I got accepted into Carlson School of Management (my target school), with half tuition fees scholarship.

Even though Karthik's charges may seem high, he helped me present the best version of myself and which helped me get into my target school with scholarship. All in all, it was a very fruitful experience.

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August Academy Review
April 01 | 2018
reviewer identity verified by score report
     By km0606 0 0

I approached Karthik late in November, cutting it quite close to the R2 deadlines. After an initial discussion, Karthik helped me shortlist the schools that I could realistically apply to - broadly classifying them as dream, target and safety. I finally applied to 4 schools - 3 in the US and 1 in India. Before starting on the applications itself, Karthik made me fill out starter files, listing out goals, achievements, extracurriculars, weaknesses etc. Having these criteria mapped out beforehand was helpful as it gave me a point of reference for the essays.

For each school, we had an initial discussion over the phone regarding how best to approach each essay, after which I would write a first draft and send it to him. He would revert with feedback about whether a certain point was coming across as intended, if certain points should be elaborated upon or left out, and how to structure the content properly. Karthik on performed very minor edits on the essays; the content was completely written by me. There were times when I was still making edits very close to the deadlines, and Karthik reverted quickly in those instances.

I received 3 interview invitations out of the 4 applications I sent. For interview prep, I once again filled out an interview questionnaire which broadly covered the different types of questions one can be asked in an interview, after which I had 2-3 calls where he conducted a mock interview and answered other questions that I had. The interview prep helped me build confidence for my interviews (which were actually easier than anticipated).

I have received 2 admits from US schools and Karthik was very helpful in helping me achieve this. The application process can be overwhelming, and he helped me navigate the process. I would recommend Karthik to anyone looking for professional help on their applications.

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