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MBA Program Review
Cambridge Judge Review
May 25 | 2017
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First of all, the student body is truly international and diversified. Unlike US schools where 30% international is considered diversified, here 92% students are from overseas. This means no any one idea or view will be considered mainstream and you can exchange view on more equal grounds.
Secondly, the fact that the business school is located in a top university with 800-year history, you can find cutting edge resources in virtually any field of study, which trust me, if you want to dive into the business aspect of any particular field, will prove very helpful.
Of course, Cambridge has proved itself a high-tech hotspot for tech entrepreneurs. But more importantly, when you're broken free from the traditional and narrow minded view of MBA=finance/consulting/PE, you get to rebuild your world view and how money or social status fit in. This rethinking process itself is invaluable.

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1 Commented by bb on May 26, 2017
Thanks very much for posting your review! Did you have any comments about Recruiting? How are the 92% of international grads dealing with job search? Or is it pretty smooth? Appreciate any feedback or insight!

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