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Everyone here seems to love Amerasia for reasons I agree with, but what stuck out to me the most was not only did Adam from Amerasia help me hone/completely form my goals - but afterwards, he continuously kept my goals in mind and would send me articles relating to what I wanted to do. This level of dedication was so impressive to me as I knew I was on his mind.

In other details, I applied to 5 schools in round 1 and used Adam for 4; however, by the time I got to the 5th I was just reusing stuff we'd already come up to and I'll give him the credit. While Stanford (I heard a rumor that some lady was a Stanford wiz, you guys should try to look for her if you can, I'm not sure who) and Harvard (My GPA was probably much to weak for Harvard) rejected me, I got into my first realistic choice - Kellogg! Looking back my profile and essays were cut out to be Kellogg perfect and they gave me a small scholarship to boot. I also got an interview at my backup realistic school and a full ride at my backup school!

The turn around time was fast - super fast! I was determined to get everything done before work got super busy and Adam was so good at cranking these things out over night or even five essays over the course of 2 days (he easily juggled the editing and writing of several essays at once). Not only did he crank them out though, he saved me a lot of time by being a magician with words. It would take me 200 words to describe something he could sum up in one eloquent sentence.

Perhaps, just perhaps with enough headache and work and reviews from friends I could have achieved the same goals - perhaps; however, Adam guided me through the process efficiently (weeding out much too helpful friends who had good intentions but uninformed targets) and I could not have applied to so many schools so quickly without him.

If I were you, I would start early in the process too as all admission consultants get busy closer to the deadlines. I finished early and Adam did a final review of my application and caught a bunch of typos - wahoo! He was also super flexible about answering questions outside of our 'contract' (aka helping me a bit for my 5th unpaid for school) and was in general a great person to work with! Thanks Adam and sorry this review was so long overdue!

TLDR: Hire a consultant, makes process efficient. Amerasia/Adam = a fantastic person to work with

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