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Yes - school of my dreams

This review is for: Amerasia Complete School Package
Consultant: Adam Hoff

As I'm writing this review on the last days before I start my MBA at the business school of my dreams, I can't help but smile when I remember all the steps that brought me here. When I talked to Adam for the first time, I had just finished my first GMAT, I didn't have the grade I had hoped for and was starting to lower my expectations on my list of programs. "Maybe", "I guess you can try" were some of the answers I got from other admissions consultants I talked to.

But with Adam it was different. First of all, on our first free consultation he had clearly done his homework. He knew my CV, and he knew A LOT about the school, its values and its admissions process. That impressed me right from the start. Then he started telling me these great ideas of how we could highlight the strong points on my story and how to transform the weaker points (and I had quite a few) into a good story. And at the end of the consultation he said something that resulted in my final decision, and that was in my mind through the whole admissions process: "Claudia your profile is stronger that you think".

It's not that Adam didn't have a realistic view of what my odds were, what I felt from this statement was that Adam strongly believed that with my story I was a great fit for this school. After that, I improved my GMAT and we started working on the application.
Working on the essays with Adam was great. With his help, I was able to make my voice heard and to create a compelling story about me and future goals. I am very proud of my essays in general, and there is one in particular that I feel describes me perfectly.
In terms of working method, I chose to work on all the essays at the same time, if I focused on only one essay I would get stuck. Also, I ask a lot of questions. All the time. So for every comment Adam made on my essays, I would ask another question. And Adam was the most patient person in the world, answering everything, explaining how we could improve things, how the admissions office would look at each of the options.

When I was selected to the interview stage of the process, Adam arranged a mock interview with another consultant. I was very, very nervous during the mock interview, but her insights were really helpful, we worked on my weaker answers, we developed better ways to say what I wanted to say and going to the real interviews all my nerves were gone. I connected with the interviewers, I was relaxed and I said everything that needed to be said.

In conclusion, if you're looking for a consultant who is willing to go the extra mile for you, talk to Amerasia. You can talk to other consultants too, but if in the end you gut feeling tells you that Amerasia is the right choice, go with it. I did, and right now I'm packing and getting ready to start my MBA at the school of my dreams.

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