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This post is my first on gmatclub, and I think only the second or third post I’ve ever made anywhere (in general I’m not an online-posting or radio-show-calling kind of person). I primarily used this site for GMAT tips, but I most recently used it in my admissions consultant search.

I had focused so much on acing the GMAT that I almost totally neglected the application process. It was one month before the R1 deadline, and I was just starting my essays. I asked a friend of mine, who had recently graduated from a top 3 bschool, to review the essays. Since time was so short, he suggested that I find an admissions consultant who could devote more time to helping me with the application.

After scouring the web for admissions consultants, I ended up down-selecting to 5 or so companies who seemed to have a solid presence in the field. I then did some deeper research on the gmatclub discussion boards, finding out what warts existed for each company. It seemed that most of the companies suffered from one or more fatal flaws: poor responsiveness, generic/easily-recognizable essay style, rudeness/unprofessionalism, or defensiveness/lack of contrition when faced with substantiated bad reviews. Amerasia fit the bill. However, I specifically wanted to work with Adam since I had read that Paul was not responsive enough (although, based on recent reviews, he has completely turned that around). Unfortunately, Adam was fully booked for R1, but he referred me to Nicole (he said they intentionally staggered their assignments so that Nicole could help late R1 applicants).

Nicole exceeded my every expectation, and I now feel that she was actually the perfect fit for me (given my background, career aspirations, and general disposition). I signed up for the 2-school package, and in the 24 days between our initial conversation and the application deadlines, we went through 12 revisions of the essays (and 4 revisions of the online application entries). Not only was Nicole super responsive (1-2 day turnaround time per revision), she offered detailed, constructive (and candid) reviews. It felt as if one of my close friends was helping me. And once I got selected for interviews, she prepped me to the point that I was able to pounce on all the curve balls the interviewers threw my way. I got into 2 of the best business schools in the world (my top 2 choices) and could not be happier with the investment I made with Amerasia/Nicole. Thanks Nicole!!!

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