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This review is for: Amerasia Complete School Package
Consultant: Adam Hoff

Adam's insider expertise on the MBA admissions and application process was invaluable and timely. Out of all the admission advisory companies out there, I ultimately decided to go with Amerasia and Adam because he made me feel the most comfortable. Never did I once feel forced or pressured into signing up for his services. At the same time, he was helpful and realistic with what he could help me with. Our initial consultation forced me to rethink my strategy (I had a sub 650 GMAT score), and he advised me to retake the test, and thank goodness I did. Lets just say I retook the test and received a score between 650-700.

Adam's strength is in the brainstorming process, where he'll help you draw upon your experiences and background to craft the most compelling and cohesive stories. Without Adam's help, my essays would not have flowed as seamlessly and presented me as holistically as they did.

I appreciate Adam for his insightful feedback from the very beginning to the very end, he was positive, professional and knowledgeable about how best to assist me. More than anything, he was patient with fielding my million questions and he always made an effort to turnaround my questions and essays in a timely manner. His feedback was spot-on, and he even helped me prepare and gave me the confidence I needed to go into my interviews and perform well.

What I appreciated most about Adam is his customized, catered and personal approach. When you're working with Adam, you'll certainly feel taken care of, as opposed to the one-size fits all approach of many of the larger companies out there.

In the end, I was accepted into a top-5 program, Northwestern-Kellogg with a sub-700 GMAT score!

I had an excellent experience working with Adam and would certainly recommend him without reservations.

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