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September 15 | 2013
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This review is for: Amerasia Complete School Package
Consultant: Adam Hoff

Why I chose Amerasia:
Amerasia was the only admissions consultant who I came across who really seemed to know non-US business schools as well as US-based ones. Their guide to a European school that I applied to was extremely helpful. Unlike guides that I saw on other admissions consultants’ websites, it had a lot more information than just the facts about the programme (which anyone can find on a school’s website anyway). Adam (who also wrote the guide) was extremely helpful from the get-go and he really seemed to understand the nuances of the school and what would resonate with their admissions committee.

What was great about working with Adam:
School specifics aside, a few things set Adam apart for me. Unlike with another admissions consultants who I had worked with previously, with Adam the brainstorming process was more targeted and strategic as it focused on what was relevant to the school rather than cataloguing everything that had ever happened to me from the day I arrived on the planet! His approach focused on helping me put my best foot forward, and he had amazing advice for tackling the weaker aspects of my profile. Also, I found that some consultants are so paranoid about your stories being your stories that while they will offer endless edits to help you tell your story more eloquently, they don't guide you on which are the best stories to tell. Adam nailed it all. My stories were my stories, but he also helped me to look at things from a different perspective to uncover angles that I hadn’t considered before, and he helped me tell my story in an impactful way that was aligned with the programme.

Added bonus:
I got to do a practice interview with someone who is an alumnus from the school I applied to, which was a great source of added insights into the unique aspects of the school and gave me a lot of little nuggets that I got to drop into my two interviews.

Overall, I received outstanding guidance throughout the application process. If you're unsure of which consultant to work with, I highly recommend connecting with Amerasia!

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