October 09, 2013

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I want to pass on a BIG 'thank you' to the Amerasia team, specifically to Drew Hoff, for the amazing, unique guidance I received throughout the application process.

I had previously applied to 5 top-20 programs and was rejected without an interview in all except one, where I was wait-listed and eventually rejected. While working with Drew, I reapplied to my dream school (top 5 school), and was accepted within a month.

Drew had a very detailed and well-planned process for me to follow. He showed me that I, in fact, had all the necessary tools to put my application together, but helped me package them in a very concise and presentable format that allowed me to re-convince the MBA program of my candidacy. He even helped me do a little soul-searching to confirm whether an MBA fits into my short and long-term goals.

Drew was also great at managing my expectations in terms of turnaround times, and requirements for each step of the way. I really cannot stress enough the importance of Drew's role in my successful application.

For benchmarking purposes, please see my stats below:

GMAT: 700
Undergraduate GPA: 5.6 from a top-50 American University
4 years of work experience with a big 4 consulting firm
above average extracurricular experience

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