November 10, 2013

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I applied to 9 top MBA schools by myself (bad idea, I know) last season in all 3 rounds and was just not very well-prepared. I got no interview. To avoid making the same mistakes, I reached out to various consulting companies, hoping to find things to improve on (so basically a "ding analysis"). I took advantage of the various "free consultations," but ended up with Amerasia who actually did not do one with me.

This was what happened:
Adam Hoff responded to my email request for a consultation session by saying that at this stage (3 weeks away from Columbia J-Term deadline), I should not be hung up on past applications. Rather than paying for a ding analysis, I should focus on my current applications instead. Adam quickly reviewed one of my past applications (for free), and provided insights and resources on possible areas of improvement. Because Adam was so willing to work with me on my profile and available packages/pricing, I decided to go with Amerasia.

The Columbia expert assigned to me was Anjali Shah. She's a Columbia graduate and knew the school well. The area I needed help the most was probably my resume. Anjali was very patient with me and went through multiple edits to greatly improve my resume.

Given my short timeline, what impressed me the most was how Anjali was always able to make time for me. She is very responsive through email - sometimes I get replies in minutes. She was always ahead of the schedule that we had put together. Anjali was professional and patient, answered all my questions, and provided moral support. Her mock interview was also very useful.

Anyway, I no longer need to do my re-apps for Round 2 (that was the original plan). I applied to one school with Amerasia, and got in. :) Thanks!

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