December 30, 2013

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I worked with Adam for 5 top-10 schools. As an international applicant (one of the largest pool), I'm looking for a big career switch.

School selection (this part is the main reason I chose Adam over than consultants):

I had a lot of consultation sessions, but ONLY Adam thought the situation in my shoes. My list includes 12 top schools at the beginning. Adam helped me analyze each of them, including my chance, each program's pros and cons. Especially, he crossed out some schools that the job placement for international students are not desirable, although I thought they were strong in my target career field!

When I did the consultation sessions with other consultants, they all recommended me to apply top 20 (someone even recommended me to apply top 30) schools. I think the knowledge that Adam possesses about each school allows him to be confident and assist me to get in a top 10 program.

Resume and essay edit

The most valuable part of the service. Adam sent me a lot reading materials related to my short-term and long-term career goals, which I was overwhelmed at the beginning. But it turned out that these homework worked perfectly in my later essay writings. These materials brought me deeper knowledge about my target industry and function, as well as indicated the skills I may already have or I need to develop/improve during the MBA program. The two areas Adam focused on my essays were wording (since my native language is not English) and structure.

Turnaround Time and Price

The turnaround was usually 2 to 3 days for essays (I think this is FAST considering the quality of his feedback), and within 24 hours for general questions. The price is reasonable and considering the quality, especially the result, I couldn't expect cheaper.

I finally got 3 interviews, in one of the top 5 programs and another top 10 program. I am satisfied with the result!

At the end, I want to say that consulting service is not magic. You can't expect consultants could turn a rock into a gold. However, a excellent consultant, such as Adam, could fully support you, and work with him, you will leave no regret to yourself.

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