June 20, 2014

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I started thinking about applying to a part time MBA program in late 2012 and started reaching out to numerous MBA consultants in January 2013. I got in touch with Drew Hoff at Amerasia and he was able to give me a good assessment as well as the services Amerasia had to offer. I was immediately impressed with the fact that Amerasia takes a very detailed look into each candidate’s profile and works diligently to make the most out of each candidate’s application. This is the way I felt over the phone and it has reflected all the way into my acceptance into the school of my dreams.

I hired Drew and was put on his roster. Adam Hoff and I communicated via email and he was able to allow me to make my 1 school package payment in multiple payments and at the amounts I wanted to pay. I planned to apply for the Fall 2014 Weekend MBA program at Chicago Booth since my background is in investment management and since Booth is known very well known for finance.

I reached out to Drew in late 2013 and he started by taking an assessment of my profile and academic history as well as some questions about me. He also provided me with tips for getting my letters of recommendations. Our progress hit a snag since I did not do so well on my GMAT the first time around and needed retake. I ended up taking a break up in order to study for my retake until March 2014 when I reached out to Drew again. He was able to get me started on my essays, resume, and interview prep all at the same time. I had my interview in April which was before the May application deadline so the interview prep and mock interview came first. Drew was able to get on a call with me the day before and discuss all the answers to each question he gave me. He had VERY good insight into what the interview was going to be like, the questions which were going to be asked, and the answers that would make the best impression. I ended up doing extremely well during the interview and this made a big impact on my application.

Drew was able to work with me on my resume and essays via email. The process was very diligent, detailed, and thought out. We exchanged several versions of both documents and were able to finish right before the May deadline. Drew’s input was extremely useful and he was able to give me feedback on each version in a timely manner. This was important since I only had a month to finish both. In the end, these two pieces significantly impacted my application.

I cannot speak for other schools since I only used Amerasia for Booth but I can definitely say that Amerasia has a very good grasp on Chicago Booth and I can definitely tell that they carry this understanding and diligence with each and every top MBA program. Amerasia is loved by almost everyone and have good expertise in MBA applications. You cannot go wrong by hiring them (especially Drew Hoff). They will really take care of your application and work with you to get you into the school of your choice like they did for me.

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