October 02, 2014

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I highly recommend Amerasia, especially Paul. Last year, I decided very late in the game (basically <2 months before R2 deadlines) to apply to business school, and was introduced to Amerasia by a friend who also had a good experience with them.

Even though he had a number of clients and I had a very tight timeline, Paul still took me on and helped out every step of the way, from selecting schools, to editing essays, and prepping for interviews. Prior to working with Paul, I spoke to a number of other consultants, and found that the majority of them used scare tactics. They insisted that that I needed an “expert” to help put together my application, that there was no way I was going to make it alone.

In contrast, when I spoke to Paul (and Adam), neither were pushy about their services. In fact, during the chats I had with each of them, they gave me a lot of tips for each school, running through the differences in the programs, and ways that my profile would fit. If I wanted to, I could’ve used those tips alone to outline my essays. That being said, I do believe that Paul truly adds another level of insight to the process. He takes the time to ensure that the schools you ultimately work with him are the best ones for you – I got into both of the schools that we worked on.

When we started working together, Paul and I had very long weekly calls, drilling down and tailoring my story for each of my target schools. My first essay draft, however, was a disaster – luckily, Paul was there to get me back on track. After countless hours and numerous essay drafts, I was finally ready to hit the “submit” button.

Once I got interview invitations, Paul was there, with a comprehensive list of questions for each school. At this crucial stage, he really works to make sure that you shine during the interview; he made the time to help me practice as much as possible, until I felt 100% confident and comfortable with my answers. Paul is extremely dedicated, often moving his schedule around to ensure that he was available to get on calls at any point during the process, whether it was for a burning question or to serve as the voice of reason when the applications seemed to consume my life.

The most crucial part of Paul’s services was his help in making me stay on point throughout the entire process. Whenever my essays veered off topic, or whenever I hit writer’s block, he was there to brainstorm with me. This was crucial, as I was working a stressful job that required travel and irregular hours. Paul kept me calm, organized, and focus through the entire process. The decision to work with Paul was quite clear – the application itself is a huge investment in time and energy, both of which are at a premium when working a demanding job. Bringing Paul into the mix meant that I had someone who had seen numerous successes, and could help steer me in the direction that I needed to go.

Did I recommend Paul to my friends who are applying this year? Yes! I can't stress how much help he was in the process, and I am now happily at my first choice school.

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