December 19, 2014

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With Amerasia's help, I was accepted into Kellogg, Booth, and Columbia. And Kellogg offered me a scholarship that will cover a large portion of my tuition costs. For perspective, I'm a consultant for a Big 4 accounting firm with a 760 GMAT. I don't think I would have been nearly as successful if I had gone with another consulting service.

Before selecting Amerasia, I interviewed three other consulting firms, and Amerasia was a head above the rest. Unlike the larger consulting companies, my initial consultation was with my actual consultant (Drew), which reassured me that I wasn't going to be assigned to some other random consultant. I can't speak for every one of their consultants, but Drew was very down to earth, and he was quick to reply to any of my questions that I thew his way during the application process.

Another aspect of Amerasia that set them apart was the level of focus and dedication that they gave me throughout the entire process. Drew helped me at every stage of the application process and spent a significant time with me to make sure that I had the right strategy and that my essays were as polished as they could be (which often took 7-8 rounds of edits). I don't feel like I would have received this same level of attention from a larger consulting firm.

Additionally, Drew and the rest of Amerasia seemed to really be on the pulse of each school, so that I could tailor my essays and stories appropriately for each one. Going into this process, I thought I would be able to write one or two really good essays and then copy them for every school. But after working with Drew, I learned how important it is to hone in on each school's philosophy.

Overall, I was very pleased with my experience with Amerasia. They are structured in a way to give every one of their clients enough attention to put forth their best applications, and they have the expertise that a lot of other firms in the industry do not have. Plus they were a pleasure to work with.

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