January 19, 2015

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I highly recommend Drew from Amerasia to anyone willing to apply to top b-schools.

A few words about my background – I was 33 when I decided to apply to b-schools and scored 660 on GMAT.

First of all, I was hesitating if I needed any help from admission consultants at all. However after doing some research and reading stories of people who used this kind of help, I decided to send my resume to Amerasia and ask for their feedback.

After receiving an encouraging feedback from Amerasia we scheduled a call with Drew. I had a list of schools in my mind and decided to discuss them with Drew. I was greatly surprised how much knowledge Drew had about DNA of each school. Instantly, I was convinced I hit the right address. With Drew’s insight we put together a final list of 5 top b-schools that would be good fit for me and started to work on my application.

Even though Drew strongly encouraged me to improve my GMAT I decided to leave it as it was (660) and focus on my essays. I knew there was quite a challenge in front of us, but as an older candidate I was hoping to build my advantage around my past experience rather than my GMAT.

As we started to work on a first set of essays I realized how taught and long this process will be and I was surely glad I had Drew helping me. After my initial draft I sent to Drew we had about 10 iterations (!) before I had my final version ready. I must say, Drew is absolutely excellent in organizing the story and structuring essays. At the same time he knows precisely how to bold your strengths in the story. When I showed my final drafts to some friends of mine (MBA alumni) they had no comments and jointly admitted – excellent work!

I submitted my applications to top European business schools (LBS, INSEAD, Cambridge, IESE) and Stanford. I got admitted to three European schools and had an interview at Stanford (thanks to excellent essays I believe).

Considering my pretty low GMAT score I believe I put the bar pretty high for myself and Drew. However, I think we did an excellent work together and I must admit that Drew’s help was invaluable in the whole process. I’m positive that I would have not got all these doors open without Drew’s help. I highly recommend Drew as an enthusiastic supporter who will smoothly and successfully direct you through the whole process of application to your dream b-school!

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