May 22, 2015

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I worked with Adam for my full time MBA application and signed up for the comprehensive package. The overall experience was very positive and I would recommend him to anyone looking for a consultant. A few key highlights below:

1. Communication. Adam was very responsive to emails and did a great job communicating extensive feedback on my application materials. He insisted to conduct all communications through email, which was a good forcing mechanism to document everything and pushed me to write out my thoughts concisely and clearly.

2. Personal approach. Adam was very personable and got to know my stories well. He was able to provide strategic guidance on how I should package my stories based on my key accomplishments; he was even able to point out which specific experiences I should draw on in certain essays

3. Strong opinions. Adam had very strong opinions throughout the whole process. This might not work for everything but was a strong positive for me. I talked with many consultants before signing with Adam and realized that many of them play more of a "cheerleader" role and give very generic comments. In addition to having strong opinions, Adam was not shy about commuting them. He was always very direct.

I ended up getting in Chicago Booth with a scholarship and cannot more satisfied with my choice of consultant. I would recommend Adam to anyone who's considering working with a consultant.

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