June 25, 2015

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I worked with Adam Hoff from Amerasia Consulting. I was looking to apply only to 2 schools - HBS and GSB, primarily because I was late in the game, and barely had 40 days left before the Round 2 deadline. When I started looking for consultants to work with for my B-School application, I was overwhelmed with the number of options I had. After speaking to a number of consultants, I really couldn't figure who to go with as they all claimed to have helped a large number of applicants get through top schools. The primary reason whey I decided to work with Adam was that he seemed to be honest, while the others were more salesy.

Adam immediately understood my strengths and weaknesses - he knew how to mould my story in order to bring out my strengths. Given that I had limited time, his tremendous experience came to my rescue on numerous occasions. He had sample examples for every kind of direction I was thinking of with my story. He would help me try multiple permutations and combinations with the elements in my story before I was completely satisfied with the result. An integral part of the entire process is personal coaching. Writing essays is strenuous, and one can feel disheartened at times. Adam went out of his way to motivate me and push me to bring out my best. It was comforting to know that someone else cared about my application as much I did. He knows how to pump someone up and get them back to work.

Adam didn't hesitate to speak his mind if he felt that I was going off the track, even if it meant more time investment at his end. His turnaround times were always quicker than what he had promised. I lost count of the number of iterations my essays went through with him, but he never once lost patience.

Adam is genuinely good at what he does, and I am certain that it would not have been possible for me to get into HBS without Adam's mentorship.

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