December 15, 2016

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You need to use this set of tests!


Using the GMAT Club practice tests are a great way to get an experience that is very close to the real test at a testing centre. The test interface bears a resemblance to the actual GMAT test, and there are challenging questions presented that can truly predict your skill level. I think the best part is having the after-test analysis - the timing breakdown helps you improve on your timing strategies, and the explanations for each answer are well-written and in depth. I enjoy the thought and the time put into the design of the GMAT Club tests so they are user-friendly and it makes studying and practicing for the GMAT much more enjoyable. In addition, there is a direct lint to the forums where other members have provided their insights on how they solve certain questions. Having the input and problem solving strategies of others who are also preparing for the GMAT really provides me with additional motivation to improve my own studying and practice habits. I find that the most challenging questions that I have faced are also difficult for others, and being able to read through the contributions of real members who are in a similar situation as myself is something that other testing platforms cannot compete with at this time. I also really like that GMAT Club offers free access to the tests during the holidays, and provides members with opportunities to try out the study tool with promotions too.

It was unfortunate timing for my subscription because of family issues, so it would be nice to be able to suspend the subscription for a period of time - and restart it back when you are able to concentrate and focus better on the studying!

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