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Being an asian-india,with my school curriculum concentrating much on quant since my childhood-i always scored 95%+ on any competitive exam. But when it came to gmat prep the toughest decision was what sources to refer to for quant.Though there are courses offered .i knew the basics upto 80% and i understood the exam would test basics but would involve some sort of reasoning as its based on logical reasoning and some other skills which will be tested as it is gonna put you in the business world.

So referring books was tough because many books are there and even if i refer the basics are same but then i tried gmat club tests.

so em gonna pen down things why gc tests or after you complete 26 tests-what can you learn

1.) you have worked with 99% -100% of topics covered on gmat

2.) you have learnt the skills to answer the 99% questions on gmat-because when you review the question after test you find answers linked to forum where experts and other students have given their answers and queries-surely your querie(posted by past students ) or your method will be there and an expert replying to it- incase you get your answer wrong and wondering what you did ;),also multiple solutions are given.

3.) time based-this is what i like.51q in 75 minutes-you do 26 tests seriously nothing can beat this-you working on some real test based quant questions. you will surely hit 47+ trust me at the end but ya need to do few things-

4.) review: reviewing the tests is very important- when you review make notes of the mistakes or some key things like square of number ,square root of number,absolute values,signs etc- this things are limited in gmat from other exams also ensure you never commit same mistake so review is important.

5.) buneul is always there to reply to your solutions from tests on the link in the solution.

6.) you can review buneul books,some quant basics and go for gc tests- nothing more you need to hit 47+.

7.) yes 49+ is also possible but there are few things you need to yourself which are based on your skills :)

8.) gc tests gives me lot of confidence-like apple a day keeps doctor away ;)

9.) yes,another thing the moderators and the team are very friendly wrt to technical or other issues ;)

good luck guys.

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