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GMAT Club Tests Review


Hello Everyone,

I have been taking the GMAT practice tests provided by GMAT Club (the ones which have math and verbal sections as separate tests). I have not been able to do all the tests that were provided, but just thought to share my experiences so far here.

Quant Tests: I had already completed questions from OG 13 as well as some other good materials too. So I was pretty confident that I pretty much had the quant section covered and was easily hoping to get 49 or above. So I was kinna shocked when I started seeing their questions. I scored 44 for my first test. The quality of the questions is really great. Most of the questions are not seen anywhere else and each question requires the understanding of atleast one good concept in Quant.

I highly recommend anyone planning to score a 50 for their GMAT Quant to complete all the tests before taking the actual GMAT. Believe me, you won’t find a better set of practice questions elsewhere.

Verbal tests: I am not an expert in verbal, so can’t provide an expert opinion on it too. I felt that the questions were good. It helps one improve time management.

Overall, I am extremely satisfied with the tests. Must have tool in any GMAT aspirant’s kit ! 

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