November 27, 2016

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GMAT club tests are a necessary part of your preparation


These tests are amazing. The math questions are more difficult than the actual GMAT tests and there are 26 of them for practice. These tests make you think about the logic behind each problem and challenges you to learn the proper methodology to attack each problem. By tests 15-20 you should be getting the hang of the GMAT math section and should at at least scoring a Q47-49. Once you have learned the fundamentals of GMAT math, just take as many of these tests as possible and review the solutions at least 2-3 times. The analytics are also solid. You can attack your weakest areas of all of the questions that you have attempted, create custom quizzes, and review bookmarked questions. There are more than enough problems here that can help you do well. It is a necessary part of anyone's GMAT math journey.

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