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Hi, have been using the GMATClub tests since quite some time- overall, my experience has been very good. Quants is excellent- 25 mock tests are way more than sufficient. Majority of the questions also have good explanations, however few of them are very short- I suggest the explanations be a bit more details for all questions, also provide alternative ways to the solution for all questions (MGMAT scores there). But overall- GMATClub quant tests are must do! Now coming to verbal- same feedback with respect to improvement i.e overall explanations are good, but few lack the detail- but having said that, the bigger problem is much fewer tests- only 8 tests! That’s really less- especially for very weak verbal candidates like myself- actually I would not mind having lower quant tests (something like 15 to 20 would do), and equal number of verbal tests (15 upwards please). Also please have an IR paper (not much- just 5 of it having real exam feel). Although I know there are no AWA currently available in test format- I must admit I did not miss it since various forums of GMAT do a good job at handling that . However having said that I did not have the same feeling for IR. Coming to the interface and analytics- I am blown to tell you the truth- wish I could do more analysis than what I did. The amount of analysis that can be done on one’s past exams based on your interface is very exhaustive- unfortunately, I used less than 1 pct of its capability. ATB guys…

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