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The GMAT Club test are an amazing supplement for the quant section. The quant questions are generally geared towards the 700 level. I would definitely recommend that you have a strong foundation before having a crack at all the questions (So you don't skew your practice test by encountering repeats if resetting the Q bank). The verbal section is slightly lacking in comparison to quant, but I think the quant section is well worth it even if the verbal questions were not included. I have a weird fixation with analytics when it comes to tracking my progress, and to my surprise they were really able to put together a great dashboard to identity strengths/weaknesses. However, I would have to say that my favorite thing about the club test would be format in which the question review is set up. You have the ability to scroll through questions by type/difficulty with ease, which include detail explanations from the forum. It eliminates the constant flipping through pages when studying tagged questions posted in the forum.

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