February 26, 2017

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Simply the best


The GMAT club tests are a must to improve the Quant score. I have already appeared for GMAT twice (590, 640). Going through success stories I started noticing a pattern of everyone mentioning they had gone through the GMAT club quant tests. Now that I have tried them myself I would suggest everyone to try them out. Bunuel is simply the best and his explanations are sometimes better than that found in the books. I have already seen a 5 point improvement in my Quant score (42 to 47). And this is just after 5 quant tests from GMAT club. I have made it a habit to fully understand the explanations especially on the tricky questions taking as much time as needed. And as it is mentioned, I have hardly seen harder quant problems anywhere else.
I have tried a couple of Verbal tests but they are yet to achieve the same level as Quant tests. Nevertheless, they are better than a lot of other tests out there.

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