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Review of GMAT club tests


I believe that GMATclub tests are the best tests out there for those aiming for 700+.

I took three attempts to reach my target score, and tried many resources before trying the GMATclub tests. For my third attempt I prepared using the GMATclub tests and got a 740 (Q50 V40).

My main struggle on the GMAT was the quant part, and my goal was to improve my quant score from 46-48 to a 50. Using the GMATclub tests I was able to do just that.
I found the tests useful for two main reasons:

1) The problems they have are very similar to the actual problems you'll see on test day;
2) These problems are harder than the problems on the actual test.

The GMATclub problems made me work hard every time and made my life so much easier on the actual test, because for 95% of the problems that the GMAT was throwing at me I knew I've dealt with a similar but tougher problem.

If you are aiming for a 50 or a 51 on quant you should get these tests - they're worth the price.

Good luck to everyone with the test!

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