June 04, 2017

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Lots of questions and I like the score breakdown and timing

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Seems a bit harder than OG as my verbal score was 10+ points lower than what I normally got. I do like how it breaks down the timing for each type of question - the analysis and organized structure really helps. I also like that the answers to tests are directly llinked to forums, though I think one helpful thing would be to just pin the most correct comment/explanation and hide everything else or it's a lot of noise/text to comb through. I think I also found a couple questions that had the incorrect forum discussion linked to the answer explanation. I also wish there were some AWA or integrated reasoning questions so I could simulate real test conditions.

There are plenty of questions to go through and seems like its almost all from OG practice questions (or at least I hope) with better analysis than what you get from the gmatprep software.

Even though my verbal score was disappointingly low here, it helped boost my verbal on the OG practice test by 70 points by a week so I'm pretty happy, though there is plenty more to do.

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