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January 29 | 2018
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Full Time MBA

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Experience during the program

Academics -- Incredible opportunity to take classes with renowned experts in their fields. I really enjoyed the Case Method, because it was more interactive and engaging than other classes that I've taken, but also provided opportunities to practice "speaking up", which is a very relevant skill in the professional world.

Culture -- Culture felt more cerebral and scholarly than other business schools I've seen. The student body was pretty tight knit and collaborative. However, there was a huge emphasis placed on wealth, and friend groups tended to form across "class" lines.

Networking -- Hands down the greatest value add of HBS. Alumni have a very strong presence on and off campus, and HBS grads tend to stick together. Most people found jobs through the alumni network (including myself)

Value -- Great value for the money -- probably the best. Very generous financial aid package (need-based) and the brand/network benefits pay dividends long after graduation.

About professors, classes and curriculum

Very good well-rounded traditional curriculum, but it felt outdated in many ways. With so many people going into Tech after graduation, I was disappointed by the lack of classes/field opportunities devoted strictly to digital innovation. Not a lot of sales classes either.

About job placement process

All major companies recruit from here. But not a lot of activity for non-traditional recruitment (i.e. startups or smaller companies)

Overall BSchool experience
Schools contribution
Classmates rating

Strengths of the program:

Curriculum, Classes, Professors

Alumni Network

Best fit at this program:



Can be improved:

Student body, diversity

Tech curriculum

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