June 03, 2014

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I signed up for Amerasia super last minute to get help with my R2 essays. I was in a one month time crunch to power through my essays and re-take the GMAT. I applied to 5 schools and worked with Anjali on developing the story for the essays as well as going through various edits through each essay. Anjali was fantastic to work with! I have nothing but great things to say. She was very helpful in assisting me to develop my ideas and very meticulous with her edits. Although I was writing all my essays during the holiday season Anjali did an amazing job of ensuring I got the edits back quickly. My GMAT score was below average but with the help of Anjali in strengthening my essays I got 3 out of 5 interviews and accepted to my top choice school. I also used one of my hours to prep for my interviews with Anjali which was also a tremendous help. I would highly recommend Anjali!

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