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Kellogg really is the teamwork and marketing school you hear about. Students run everything and are generally very intelligent, outgoing and helpful in all aspects of student life. The vibe is very diverse and inclusive.

Social events start the school year with a frenzy, but as the the first year continues school work and especially recruiting begin to take a bulk of the time and attention of the students. Second year students generally are more laid back, especially after securing their full-time offer.

Classes are challenging if you're coming from a non-traditional background, and easier if you've spent the bulk of your career in a quantitative field. Professors are excellent and available if you want to face-time beyond class. Some people don't take classes very seriously, while others are dying for A's.

The toughest part of the experience is managing time. People told me how hard it would be to balance everything before coming here, but you REALLY feel that once you're here. It's not quite possible to fully prepare for it, but rather just accept it as a way of life, particularly in the first half of the first year. It gets easier.

For careers, the career center is as helpful as you want them to be -- to get the most out of them you have to be smart and strategic about which events you go to and who you talk to. The clubs (Tech Club, Marketing Club, Consulting Club, etc.) are more helpful overall for careers, in particular the guidance from second year students. You will be prepared for your interviews if you put in the time and effort and sit down with enough second years.

Overall, it's a fantastic school. Getting an MBA isn't easy a top school like this, but the rewards are plentiful in all walks of life. You get out of it what you are willing to put in.

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