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Organizing my Thoughts...and Timeline!


The arduous application process for MBAs takes its toll on us all after a time. Just as I completed one portion (a resume, the GMAT) the next obstacle rose in front of me and exposed my self doubt. Could I really pull this off? Is it possible all of these pieces will come together to create a desirable profile for admissions officers?

Angela's guidance at every step was not only encouraging, but she laid out an achievable framework for completion. While working on the resume, we listed all accomplishments and divvied up the "real estate" between resume and essays where these might shine. While crafting compelling stories, the tactics proved solid groundwork for interview prep. Most of all, Angela's humor resonates both in person and virtually, putting me at ease in getting to work. An MBA application is just that: work, but Angela's comprehensive process will inspire confidence in your personal brand without bragging, leaving no story left untold.

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