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I would recommend ‘myessayreview’ for anyone who wants to get admission from top business school.
As you all know, after giving the GMAT, the next important step for any B-school admission is the school essays. I initially tried writing some sample essays, and after reading them, i realized I have pretty bad writing skills. I zeroed in on 'myessayreview' after reading all the reviews on Gmat club. Poonam is excellent in editing the essays. I had applied to 7 schools, I got interview invites from 5 schools, and converted two of them into admits (ISB, UW Foster).
We started off by building résumé. Her initial guidelines/ template helped me compose a decent first draft before we started refining/ polishing the résumé. I really liked the way she used different action verbs for each bullet point and focused on the impact I made on my organization. This helped us create a strong résumé that effectively showcased my profile .
We then picked up essays. From the beginning, Poonam’s recommendations helped me to answer exactly what the essay prompt was asking. All her inputs helped me to select the right story for each essay. After working with her, I understood that even though the essay prompts of different schools look similar, they are not. As a first-time applicant, I didn’t think about the flow of the essay. Thanks to her edits/ guidelines, all my essays looked great after her final review.
She is excellent at reducing the word limit of the essay without losing the impact. For some essays, she amazed me by trimming down more than 100 words without sacrificing any essential elements of the story. The turnaround time was always less than 24 hours. I even remember that she refunded part of the fee for one essay as she finalized the essay in only one edit.
Don't expect her to write your essays, but she will guide you at every step of the way and help you submit the best essay. The other advantages of working with Poonam/myessayreview are you will work directly with her and the price for the services is inexpensive compared to all the other admission consulting companies.

I was very happy with her services and the results. Along the way, I improved my writing skills. Thanks for everything, Poonam.

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