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     By kinjiGC 907 1217

I had such a great experience with Prodigy Finance with Students loans and I want to thank Prodigy Finance to enable me to study abroad. The process of application is pretty straight forward and I need to upload proofs that are easily available. After that Prodigy Finance sends the loan document that can be used for VISA process. Overall, the application and disbursing process is quite simplified.

Prodigy Finance covered 85% of the tuition with no collateral and at competitive interest rates compared to banks in India. Most of the banks don't cover the considerable amount of loan at all and hence Prodigy Finance helped me a lot.

Without Prodigy Finance and school alums, I won't be able to study MBA from one of the top ranked US school.

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Created by jeongmin889

July 08, 2016

If I am still a student and un-employed, is it possible to get a loan from Prodigy Finance?

Created by prodigyfinance

November 29, 2017

Thanks for your positive feedback kinjiGC. We’re very happy to have you part of our community.

Created by prodigyfinance

November 29, 2017

Hi jeongmin889,

Thanks for your interest in Prodigy Finance and apologies for the delay.
This will depend on several factors - I've you're still interested in a Prodigy Finance loan, please contact us on to chat about this further.

The Prodigy Finance Marketing Team
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