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     By rodrigocani 23 13

Since my school didn't cover the whole cost of the MBA, I turned to Prodigy Finance for an additional loan. They are one of the few options that give loan without any co-signer.
My overall experience is positive, but I had some problems with them that were very frustrating. So I will break down the feedback between good and bad:
1) Friendly staff and system: dashboard works great and is easier to know what you have to do in order to advance the loan process. Also, whenever you need help you can access the team via email and you will get fast responses.
2) Rate: is higher than what you get with your school, but still very good (I got 7.75% APR).
3) They are investing a log in creating relationships with students and keep in touch while you are doing your MBA. They plan some visits to your school and are willing to help support some school activities (ex. they sponsored one of the international clubs main events).
The bad:
1) Bureaucracy: while you expect some bureaucracy to get your loan approved, the excess of it and the barriers to finish the process is tiresome. My main problem is with the 2nd year loan. Basically, everything is the same, you are the same person, even got a job, but you have to fill a whole new application to get your new loan. You have to upload all the same files again, which makes you waste a lot of time and effort. I almost gave up getting my 2nd year loan because of that, but luckily their support staff was very patient and responsive and help me solve any pending issues.

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Created by prodigyfinance

November 29, 2017

Thanks for your feedback rodrigocani.

We have heard your frustrations and have been working tirelessly on our upgrading our 2nd year loan process.

Kind Regards,
The Prodigy Finance Marketing Team
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