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Experience during the program

How Wharton describes itself during admissions events is very similar to the experience: big brand, large student body, diversity of classes, and diversity of classmates. There are so many positives that the admissions office does a great job of describing, so here's a list of negatives:
1) School is tough. First semester you are in intro finance, econ, etc. with students who worked in finance, econ, etc. so you're not going to get an A. Face it. Many, many classmates struggle to adapt to this realization and it ruins their classroom experience as a result because they're just bitter all the time. You should know what you're signing up for.
2) Social dynamics are surprising. You have the foreign students, 80% of whom always hang out with other foreign students (likely from their country). They're able to do this because there are 80 students from China, 10 from Japan, etc. At a smaller program (Tuck, Haas) these students probably can't hide among those similar to them so this wouldn't be the case. On the non-foreign students side you have a few different groups that are mostly similar to high school except many people derive their self-worth from their pre-MBA job instead of their athletic ability.
3) They don't tell you this in August during pre-term, or at least not enough, but everything you could possibly participate in from a leadership perspective you have to sign up (see: tryout) for from Sept-Nov, so you should really know what you want to do during school before class even starts.

About professors, classes and curriculum

The core curriculum is interesting but mostly irrelevant. First-year students should try to test out of as many core classes as possible.

About job placement process

Banking - you can work anywhere. ~90 students are recruiting for this
Consulting - not as prevalent as consulting and much more competitive. ~200+ students trying for this
Big tech (Amazon, Microsoft, etc.) - Wharton is well established but the roles themselves didn't seem too appealing. Check Linkedin to see where students go

Overall BSchool experience
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Strengths of the program:

Career opportunities provided by school


Culture & Student Support

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Investment Banking

Can be improved:

Student body, diversity

Social dynamic - people hang out with similar peop

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