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  • 13 recorded video sessions featuring comprehensive instruction on every aspect of the GMAT 
  •  5,000+ practice questions 9 full-length computer adaptive tests (CATs) featuring full-length, scored Integrated Reasoning sections 
  •  160+ total hours of instruction and practice 
  • Only Kaplan offers the Official Test Day Experience  
  • Comes with the following books: GMAT Premier: Course Book Edition, GMAT Pocket Reference, GMAT Noteboard Booklet and Pen, and Complete Start-to-Finish MBA Admissions Guide.
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GMAT Course Review
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Overall, the level of content and the products included are very helpful in helping you learn the basics of the exam, all the basics.

From what is on the exam to getting a feel for the actual test with the option to take a practice CAT at an official GMAT testing location. The other things included in the package are also helpful - the GMAT scratchpad with dry-erase pen gives you a good feel for what it's like on test day.

As for the content, I think Kaplan is very good at giving you a basic understanding of every inch of the exam. However, because there is so much to cover on the GMAT, the Kaplan program was sometimes "shallow" with its explanation of problems from the study material. The program also tracks all of the questions you've answered to give you a good assessment of how you're progressing.

Also, having 9+ CATs to take are invaluable.

Overall, the Kaplan program is pretty good and with it, I was able to bring my score up 60 points with it, 650 to 710.

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