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MBA Admit seeks to assist promising young leaders to achieve their career dreams by helping them to gain access to top MBA programs in the United States and abroad. To do this, we seek to keep outstanding MBA consulting services accessible to candidates. That is, the services must be affordable. We seek to provide “excellence at an affordable price.”
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     By gocoolit 0 0

Dr. Shel is simply amazing. Without her guidance, I would not have gain acceptance to Wharton.
She asked thought provoking questions to help me verbalize my goals. She was extremely patient with me throughout the process.
She was able to bring out a unique part of my story, which I failed to highlight. Dr. Shel's greatest strength is that she cared about me as an individual and worked diligently to showcase my strengths and bring my story to life on paper. In addition, she will work with you to fix anything that you feel needs fixing.

I would highly recommend MBA Admit to anyone.

Thank You

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March 28 | 2017
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     By Megan2017 0 0

My MBA journey began two years ago. I conducted extensive research on MBA programs and spoke with several admissions consultants to determine my chances of getting into a top MBA program. Of all of the consultants that I spoke with, Dr. Shel was the only one that was patient enough to help me figure out what parts of my application package that I needed to strengthen in order to best position myself for my target schools. Every other consultant that I spoke with dismissed me and said that I had no chance of getting into a top program with my GMAT score and my lack of work experience, but Dr. Shel continued to communicate with me and answer each of my questions with such consideration and care.

Unfortunately, although MBA Admit's prices are extremely affordable in comparison to all the other consulting firms I contacted, I was not in a position to enroll with her at the time, and I proceeded to fill out my applications myself. I was devastated when I received rejection letters without interviews from all 8 schools I applied to. I questioned my ability to be admitted into a top MBA program, but Dr. Shel assured me that I could do it and I took the steps she told me to take to strengthen my candidacy.

Dr. Shel really took the time to work with me every step of the way. She revised my essays several times and even gave me additional revisions for the essays that I was really struggling with, free of charge! I could always rely on her to provide timely responses to my emails as well, which was a big help in making the process less stressful. The interview prep was INVALUABLE. Dr. Shel worked with me on each question and made sure I answered them in a way that presented me in the best light and allowed me to communicate my key strengths. I was prepared for every single interview I had, simply because I practiced with her. I knew most of the questions that I would be asked and I has mastered how I would approach them. She also worked with both of my recommenders to ensure that they were answering their questions properly and highlighting the points that MBA admissions committees look for when making decisions. Neither of my recommenders had ever written MBA letters of recommendation before, so Dr. Shel was really a huge help to them.

Fast-forward to two years later, and after working with Dr. Shel I am thrilled to say I have gotten into multiple top programs, and I will be enrolling at my number one choice program with a full scholarship!

I cannot recommend Dr. Shel enough. She is without a doubt the reason that I am where I am now, and I am forever grateful. Work with her and you won’t regret it. She gives you all the value (I'd argue that she gives even more) of any other consulting company at a fraction of the cost. How can you beat that?

Thank you so much Dr. Shel!

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     By patbanyat 0 0

I previously applied to several top 7 MBA programs last year. However, I was not admitted to any of the 3 schools I applied to. I was very stressed and frustrated about the outcome and did not know specific ways to improve my profile in order to be successful in my next application.

I was very lucky to find MBA Admit and to work with Dr. Shel. I worked with her in my profile building in which she suggested several outside of work leadership activities that I could engage in, while also have actual beneficial impact to my future career goal. Dr. Shel also helped me brainstorm my stories to present in my application.

Overall, she was very proactive and helpful in and played a key role in my admissions to Columbia. Also, she is greatly experienced in helping candidates get into top MBA schools, so she knows a lot of the tricks of the trade.

I would highly recommend working with Dr. Shel to anyone. Also, the fee of MBA Admit is very reasonable.

Thank you so much

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INSEAD admit
December 25 | 2015
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     By Anonymous 0 5

I am a European candidate and wanted to apply to INSEAD only. I had a very tight time schedule to achieve the R2 deadline. I had several talks with different admission consultants and I then opted for Dr. Shel from MBA Admit.
It has been a great pleasure working with Dr. Shel. We were able to finish the application on time for R2. We had two rounds of editing for my essays, one recommendation review and a high-level feedback on my resume. She really did a great job on the essays. Her feedback on my resume was invaluable. Her work was on a high professional level. As a result, I have been admitted to the INSEAD MBA program.

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