July 22, 2016

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Went from a 650 to a 730 with the class.


I took the 9 week course which was offered on site at my workplace. My first practice CAT I got a 650 on, with no prior experience. The class gave me a study plan and motivated me to study and devote time to the GMAT. The class material was concise and very useful. Joe, my instructor, was passionate about teaching, and made the dry subject matter interesting and fun. The homework was time consuming, but it was designed to be so in order to get you in the rhythm of studying and to teach you all the relevant concepts. Joe strongly encouraged participation in class, and pushed us to set up study groups, which helped you become even more invested in the journey. After the class ended, there was still an abundance of free resources available from Manhattan Prep, from post course/exam tutoring sessions to the online Interact courses. I felt like Manhattan Prep was there with me every step of the way. I would recommend it for anyone who wants a structured plan to study for the GMAT while having some fun along the way.

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