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800 out of 800!


I was working with Mollie and I couldn’t be happier about the results and the process itself.

To back up my subsequent claims right away – with Mollie’s help, I got accepted to Stanford GSB, which reported 5% acceptance rate last year. Also, I got rejected without interview the first time I applied myself, without any additional help.

I loved Mollie’s positive attitude and her approach. She is always available to answer any questions and her turn-around time is 24 hours or less. She helped me to find a right theme to convey my personal brand and to become memorable; all is so important when applying to highly competitive schools. At the same time, she is not doing your job for you and really keeps your own voice in the essays and application overall.
Mollie also was a huge help in preparation for interview. I felt extremely confident and prepared after having a mock interview with her the day before I went to a real one.

I loved that Mollie has limited number of clients at the same time, so that she is able to devote her full attention to everyone she is helping to. She is really compassionate and she really cares. I felt it all the way and I am so happy I had her support on my side. Also, Chioma, director of Expartus, is personally involved in each application and she read my final essay drafts and provided truly valuable feedback. I feel this is a very nice touch and personal approach that differentiates Expartus from many other firms.

I highly recommend Mollie and Expartus overall. In familiar to all of us GMAT terms, I rate Mollie and Expartus as 800 out of 800!

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