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Emily Lammers of SBC got me into my dream program - CBS


I had the privilege of working with Emily Lammers of SBC throughout my application process, and after receiving admission to my looong-shot dream school (CBS), I can't imagine having worked with anyone else.

After a close friend of mine had incredible success throughout his application process, utilizing the all-in package with SBC, I was sold on the firm. The next step was matching me up with a consultant who not only specialized in candidates with similar profiles to mine, but also candidates who had similar goals. This is where SBC really shines. The curated consultant selection process allows you to be paired up with a consultant who knows your industry, your schools, and how to tailor your story to help you achieve your goals. This is how I wound up working with Emily and receiving admission to my dream program, of which I wasn't even initially planning on applying to, but Emily convinced me was worthwhile.

From day one is was clear that Emily was committed to my success, and further, that she was passionate about the process in general. We reviewed every relevant aspect of my pre-MBA life in depth to further understand strengths, weaknesses, motives, and anecdotes that would support my applications to top programs. From there we developed our application strategy. Emily's knowledge of the nuances of particular programs and their applications processes allowed me to put my best foot forward for each application and to know how to highlight aspects of my profile that each individual school looks for in applicants. I genuinely can't speak highly enough about Emily and her guidance throughout the process. She was available and enthusiastic about responding to e-mails or phone calls at any time, and the level of detail she provided in reviewing and analyzing my essays was far beyond what I expected. She is a straight shooter and completely candid when providing feedback, which is a necessity when it comes to this process. Emily's ability to provide structure and flow to your story helps your essays shine, and prepares you incredibly well for the interview process. Further, Emily goes way beyond her duties with primary research and often times provided me with program information that was relevant to my career goals so that I could include it in my essays or interviews. Emily reads essays as though she is an AdCom member for each program, and provides highly specialized feedback. She was supportive when I felt overwhelmed, and pushed me when I was lazy. Lastly, Emily made this stressful process incredibly enjoyable and I oftentimes find myself missing the late nights of essay writing, frantic messages of concern, relief that comes with submitting the applications, and elation for interview invites and program acceptances.

We ended up securing interviews with all of my programs and received admission to CBS (we turned down the other interveiws after hearing the news from CBS) investment well worth it no matter how you look at it. Emily is an absolute legend, and I credit her knowledge, guidance, and passion for the process with my admissions success. Do yourself a favor and ask for her services when you reach out to will not be disappointed.

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