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Course Veritas Prep Full Course Live Online

Instructor Travis Morgan

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I am about a year removed from undergrad and I decided that going back to school made a ton of sense. So the GMAT was my next logical step as I wanted to get an MBA. In Undergrad I worked really hard, but was never your 4.0 student. I was intimidated by the GMAT and was expecting a 640-660 score (which I still think is really solid), but I digress. I have been absolutely blown AWAY by so many aspects of this course. I have loved my instructor and TA. Any time I need an answer on something I get it, and if it is in reasonable business hours it is same day. There are a variety of different study helps for different skill levels and different types of learners. The learning became fun and almost addictive as I saw my practice test scores go up every week. The feedback from the tests was great as well and I always knew exactly which "dragon" i should slay next improving and balancing my scores.
Another thing I ought to add is that I am absolutely dirt cheap and this course was worth every penny to me. I work 50+ hours a week and wasn't sure how I would fit all of this in, but the class and materials really maximize study efficiency and results.

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