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Liza undoubtedly helped me portray my best self!


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Asian, Female
~4 years in Consulting
710 GMAT
Chatted with 5+ companies and ~7 consultants and ultimately chose Liza!

The application process is arduous and there's a lot of consultants to choose from. I chose Liza because she is someone who will be there in the trenches with you and help you become a storytelling master. Here are the 2 key reasons yo u should choose her-

1) Best Storyteller I've Met:
A lot of applicants are stellar but can't showcase it on paper. Liza helped me bring my story to life by helping me cut out the fluff to draw on different aspects of my stories that'd pull at the heartstrings more. She helped me see my own stories in a new light and told me how AdComm is likely to view it. You'll definitely need a consultant to help you do this because your everyday friends/colleagues just aren't going to be as invested in you as a consultant would.

2) Unparalleled Thoroughness: Liza always prepped for our calls. In our brainstorming session, she already had ideas on how my story should be structured and explained to me why she suggested each edit. Some consultants could just make changes without explaining....but then you wouldn't learn how to improve for your other apps. Another aspect is that she helped catch errors in my app. She helped catch small nuances and numbers that didn't tick and tie. You'll be so trenched in the app that sometimes it's easy to lose track on what you've updated!

Liza is truly the ONLY person who will dedicate that much effort into helping you achieve your dreams (aside from yourself).

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