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Owe a big one to Experts Global


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Course Experts' Global Complete GMAT Prep Online

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I'd like to express my gratitude to Experts' Global for their comprehensive program, which is housed on a fantastic software platform with a wealth of smart and useful tools and features. Through this course, I was able to arrange my whole preparation, and I no longer had to worry about locating content, practicing problems, or mocks from various sources. It was sufficient to rely just on Experts' Global's program and official materials.

About the online course, one of the best features is that the system pinpoints your weakest areas in both quantitative and verbal reasoning; this motivated me to watch the relevant videos again and fill in the gaps in my knowledge. Various small features such as the ability to flag specific questions, post notes on the system's wall, a timer that alerts you when you take too long on a question, some very detailed time management insight, a set of study plans to choose from based on your needs, and so on are all extremely useful, well-thought-out tools that aided my preparation and made it more engaging and interesting.

Experts' Global comes highly recommended. However, I strongly advise you to start with the free trial and see whether the course is a good fit for you.

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