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Going to Wharton!


Having worked with another admissions consultant in the previous year and interviewed several admissions consulting firms, Alex’s service immediately stood out to me. Whereas other consultants mainly communicated via email, Alex took the time to set up several Skype calls, including an initial video call where we just chatted about our personal lives. We got to understand each other at a much deeper level than otherwise possible through a written form or a voice call. This depth of understanding played a vital role when drafting early versions of my essays, where Alex would offer suggestions on which of my personal stories might fit best, rather than just telling me to rewrite a section.

Alex was also very accommodating to my last minute requests and unique situation. I had a recommender who was unresponsive and sent Alex a draft of his recommendation the night before the deadline. Alex stayed up late into the night to review it and called me after to calm my nerves. I can’t imagine working with anyone else.

Given that I am an Asian male (over-represented group), I purchased the 5-school package to put my best foot forward. With Alex’s help I was able to do just that and was invited to interview at Wharton, Booth, and MIT. After that, Alex’s interview prep ultimately helped me convert all three interviews into admittance offers! I was quite surprised how many of the questions Alex asked in his mocks were in the real interviews. Overall, working with Alex was a pleasure. It is a no-brainer when it comes to recommending Alex, and I have to a friend. Beyond his technical expertise, Alex is funny and personable, everything you would want from an advisor and more!

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